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Candle Container Cleaning Tutorial

Finally put together this insta story tutorial that I did a while back on cleaning out used candle containers. This video thing is new to me so don't expect an expert youtuber!

The embossing heat tool that I use is THIS ONE but there are plenty of others online that you can find. Not in the video but you can also use them to remove the labels easily. Just heat the label up and slowly peel them off. Also, if you've never embossed and like paper crafting you should look into trying that out as well. This tool has lots of purposes!

When I mention not heating up the jars to melt the wax I'm referring to the microwave... don't put the metal wick bottoms in the microwave. I've also tried heating up the container in a pot of boiling water and I've had glasses shatter.

There are also tutorials online that show options of placing used containers in the freezer for a few hours and popping out the wax and also pouring boiling water in the jars and waiting for the wax to melt but the way I show in the video is a lot quicker if you don't want to wait.

Feel free to ask me any questions or contact me for custom container orders!


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