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  • What is a woodwick? How is it different from a regular cotton wick?
    Wood wicks burn at the same rate as the cotton wicks. They produce a larger flame than a regular cotton wick and create an ambiance to a quiet room with a subtle cracking sound.
  • How to I avoid black smoke?
    Keep your wick trimed to approximately 1/4" before relighting.
  • What are your candles made with?
    A blend of parrafin and soy wax, fragrance oils, cherry wooden wick
  • What's with all the french words?
    I'm orginally from Louisiana and my heritatge is french. My name, Ellion, was my great grandmothers name. My great grandparents as well as my grandparents spoke french however the tradition was not passed on because of Louisiana History and schools requiring english to be spoken. I took 5 years of french in middle school and high school, all though I've probably forgotten a lot, I still know the basics. When I moved to Texas I wanted to incorporate my Louisiana hertiage in my candle line. Not only that but some of my favorite and inspirational candle brands are french.
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