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Amazing customer service! They have so many good smelling candles it's hard to choose a favorite.


These are my favorite candles and the only candles I buy now! Ellion, blossom and Jardin De Herbes are my favorite!!

Allyson Bell

I am obsessed with these candles. If I could make my whole life smell like the original Ellion scent, I would! They are beautiful and smell amazing. A+

Abby Ortego

As a candle fanatic who has bought, smelled, and used SO many different brands, I can confidently say that these are some of the best around. They smell amazing and last way longer than I expect every time. My favorite is the original scent. I love that even when I’m not burning one, the wonderful smells lingers!

Ashley Viltz

Baton Rouge, LA

Jardin + herbes is the greatest thing I've ever smelled in my life. I'm such a fan of Ellion candles! I wish I could have a reoccurring shipment sent to me so I'll never be without 😂🙌💕

Abigail Monico

I love these candles! Beautiful scents and great customer service. I purchased mine at the HeartMade Market in Houston and I was hooked. 

Sarah Carlson

All this consumerism going on, it's a delight to get something so wonderful handmade 

Fatima Khalid

I finally lit my candle and I LOVE it. It smells so good. Burns clean as well.  ITS MY NEW FAV. 

Betsy Hebert

I need ideas about the smells. What's the favorites? Want something fresh smelling not sweet. Suggestions...thank you 😊


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